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The Holistic Healing Center team uses integrative medical treatments to address unique health concerns for women. Females are susceptible to medical conditions caused by anything from hormone imbalances to injuries from giving birth. Our team is here to treat the whole person while helping them feel empowered from the inside out! Our clinic’s spa-like environment inspires our patients to take pride in taking care of their health and wellbeing. Provided is a list of common female wellness conditions that we treat here at the Holistic Healing Center.


FibromyalgiaIn the United States, over 4 million individuals have Fibromyalgia, and women are twice as likely to suffer this condition than men. This condition features dull pain throughout the body accompanied by brain fog, digestive issues, sleep problems, and other symptoms that can sufficiently affect one individual’s lifestyle.

Our clinic tackles this illness with physical therapy. Our licensed practitioners help address painful symptoms directly through massage and heat therapy. In addition, we spend time educating our patients on how to manage symptoms and flare-ups through diet, exercise, and stress management.

Pre and PostNatal Care

One of the best ways you can take care of your baby is by taking care of yourself. Our clinic offers a range of pre and postnatal services that support your body and mind during this exciting time in your life.

Nutritional Counseling

Pregnant NutritionIt’s hard to ignore your pregnancy cravings! While you may be craving a processed bag of potato chips, your body (and baby!) may be letting you know that you need electrolytes like magnesium or zinc. Our clinic teaches expecting and breastfeeding moms how to nourish themselves best to create happy and healthy babies.

Physical Therapy

Sciatica is a common condition during pregnancy that begins in the lower back and runs down the legs. Stretching, strength training, and physical therapy are great ways you can help prevent Sciatica. Our physical therapists show our pregnant patients stretches and exercises they can perform to assist with comfort during pregnancy and an uncomplicated delivery.

Abdominal Separation (Diastatis recti)

Post-pregnancy, your body may not feel the same as it once did. Many patients experience abdominal separation (diastatis recti), where the six-pack abdomen muscles separate between the two rectus muscles. For this condition, our clinic works with patients on gaining their strength back through physical education, light-core exercises, and using approaches such as the Tupler Technique and Keller’s Dia Method.

Pelvic Floor Disfunction

If you are experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, you are not alone! Roughly one in four women suffer from this disorder, and a major cause of this is childbirth. With this condition, you lose control of the pelvic floor, resulting in symptoms such as muscle spasms, discomfort during sexual intercourse, lower back pain, and more. At the Holistic Healing Center, we help you regain control of this pelvic system by creating an individualized strengthening plan for you. First, patients will undergo physical therapy to learn how to release tight muscles. Second, they will strengthen and stretch these muscles with pelvic floor exercises. Along with physical therapy, the regimen may include biofeedback treatments and relaxation techniques.

Watch this video from Dr. Nancy for more insight on how the Holistic Healing Center can support you through your pre and postnatal journey.

Breast Cancer

Breast CancerOur nutrition counselors assist patients through their cancer treatments by providing nutritional plans that boost energy levels. 40% of individuals report an unexplained weight loss when they are first diagnosed with cancer. Those working through this illness may experience nausea, pain, and vomiting. Not only are these symptoms uncomfortable, but they result in a loss of appetite as well. Our nutritional counselors work with patients on a case-by-case basis to determine the best nourishment blueprint that suits their needs. We educate on simple ways to manage weight loss while discussing how to intake nutrient-dense foods that reduce inflammation and boost the healing process.

Check out Dr. Nancy’s video on three stretches and exercises for breast cancer survivors!

Our goal is to leave women feeling healthy and confident through our treatments with the Holistic Healing Center. Whether you are joining us for pain relief, nutritional counseling, or physical therapy, we are here to be your support system.

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