Concierge Physical Therapy

  • In Your Home

  • No Wait Time

  • 1:1 the Entire Session

  • Flexible Scheduling

Wish you could have 
more one-on-one time 
with your doctor?

Prefer a private, quiet room? Would you like your doctor to come to YOUR HOME?

Holistic Healing Center now offers Concierge VIP services

Our team is committed to you, and your needs. We listen. We care. We hear you. We want to help you feel your best… FASTER.

Frustrated with your insurance company LIMITING the care that YOU NEED?

Now Offering:

Private Sessions of 60 minutes, or more, with your doctor. Whatever YOU NEED to feel YOUR BEST as soon as possible.

Would you like a same-day appointment?

Appointments are guaranteed within 24 hours or less with your doctor. We can even meet in your home!

Better Results, Faster

This plan does not go through your medical insurance. It is not based on medical necessity. It is a concierge wellness model that allows the doctor and patient to be in control of one’s care. This program focuses on wellness and wholeness, versus disease and dysfunction. A travel fee may apply to visits outside of the wellness center. Visits outside of the center are taken at the discretion of the therapist and cannot be guaranteed.

We have built a loyal following of patients that enjoy the family–like environment and the attention to detail that they receive each and every visit. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you.

How was your experience?