Ergonomic Tips from Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy shares a few tips to prevent and treat neck/jaw pain in adults and children.

Headaches From Pinched Nerves

Headaches can stem from many areas including pinched nerves in your neck, back, and shoulders.

Best Natural Cure for Headaches and Neck Pain

Watch as Dr. Nancy demonstrates a sub-occipital release for headaches and neck pain!

Awesome Core and Lats Workout You Can Do from Home!

In this video, Dr. Nancy demonstrates a simple exercise you can do to improve your core and latissimus dorsi muscle (Lats)!

Exercise for Hips

Hip Stretches (Part 1)

Hip and Back Stability Exercise

Hip Stretches

Tips for Knee Pain

Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors

A quick tip for jaw pain relief

A quick tip for jaw pain and TMJ

What Should I do if My Baby has Infant Torticollis?

Dr. Nancy explains what Torticollis is and why it is important to correct Torticollis sooner rather than later!

Chronic Pain Treatment at Holistic Healing Center

Dr. Nancy addresses how we tackle chronic pain here at the Holistic Healing Center!

Is Commuting a PAIN in Your Neck?!

Sitting for long periods of time can cause strain to your lower bac and neck. Dr. Nancy demonstrates several exercises you can do during your morning commute to alleviate the pain!

I’m Pregnant (or Just Had a Baby), How Can HHC Help?!

Pregnancy can lead to several painful symptoms like sciatica. Visit us at the Holistic Healing Center to learn how to prevent it from occurring in the first place!

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