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Tips from the Team

I’m Pregnant (or Just Had a Baby), How Can HHC Help?!

Pregnancy can lead to several painful symptoms like sciatica. Visit us at the Holistic Healing Center to learn how to prevent it from occurring in the first place!

Suffering from Headaches Pinched Nerves and Bulging Discs Try Traction Therapy

Watch as Dr. Nancy performs traction therapy, a practice used for those suffering from bulging discs, pinched nerves, and headaches!

Awesome Core and Lats Workout You Can Do from Home!

In this video, Dr. Nancy demonstrates a simple exercise you can do to improve your core and latissimus dorsi muscle (Lats)!

Himalayan Salt Stones & Electrical Stimulus Therapy in Colts Neck, NJ

Learn how we integrate Himalayan salt stones into our healing process! Himalayan salt stones are great for reducing inflammation while improving our nervous system!

What Should I do if My Baby has Infant Torticollis?

Dr. Nancy explains what Torticollis is and why it is important to correct Torticollis sooner rather than later!

How to Tape for Lymphedema with Dr Nancy (Holistic Healing Center)

Kinesio Tape is great for circulation and muscle support. Watch as Dr. Nancy tapes a patient with Lymphedema!

Tight lower back? Holistic Healing Pain relief by Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy demonstrates how to release tension in the lower back with one simple technique!

Protraction Push-Up Exercise for Rehabing Shoulder and Neck Injuries

Dr. Nancy demonstrates how to perform a protraction push-up for those dealing with shoulder and neck injuries!

Chronic Pain Treatment at Holistic Healing Center

Dr. Nancy addresses how we tackle chronic pain here at the Holistic Healing Center!

What are Hypno Sound Therapy & Hypnotherapy?!

Hypno sound therapy and hypnotherapy are new treatments being added to our practice! They focus on reprogramming our subconscious; an area that can cause anxiety and cravings.

Is Commuting a PAIN in Your Neck?! Dr. Nancy’s Tips

Sitting for long periods of time can cause strain to your lower bac and neck. Dr. Nancy demonstrates several exercises you can do during your morning commute to alleviate the pain!

Massage Therapy at the Holistic Healing Center!

Dr. Nancy shows off her massaging techniques while explaining how we take a holistic approach to our patient's treatments!

Strengthening Exercises for Low Back & Neck Pain!

Our rehab tech, Rocco, demonstrates how to perform a seated row using a resistance band. This exercise is great to use when dealing lower back and/or neck pain!

How Physical Therapy Can Help Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Nancy explains how our team treats patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Working one-on-one with patients allows us to personalize each person's experience!

Best Natural Cure for Headaches and Neck Pain

Watch as Dr. Nancy demonstrates a sub-occipital release for headaches and neck pain!