It's been amazing!

This patient recovering from spinal surgery talks about the world of difference her treatment at Holistic Healing Center has made.

College Athlete w/ Severely Sprained Ankle Sees “Tremendous Improvement”

Watch as one of our amazing patients explain why he chose Holistic Healing Center and why you should too!

Patient Testimonial

Our patient Terry talks about his experience at HHC and how he was able to be discharged and pain free!

Instantaneous results!

Listen as this patient describes the instantaneous results he experienced with Holistic Healing Center's multidisciplinary approach.


Babies need physical therapy too! Baby Joseph had been receiving treatment for Torticollis (twisted neck), plagiocephaly, & tongue-tie. Dr. Nancy had been working with him for awhile and he’s doing much better!

Mom talks about how their experience at HHC

Our patient Aidan has been a joy to work with and has put us in the #holiday spirit. His Mom talks about how their experience at HHC has helped them. We are lucky to have such amazing #patients and we are so glad that we could help!

Treating Baby with Torticollis

Hear what one of our patients has to say about our practice and watch how Dr. Nancy treats an infant with Torticollis!

“Dr. Nancy Will Get You In and Out, 1, 2, 3!”

Our patient, Jenna, gives her thoughts on our team and practice!

Right By Her Side as She Fights Progressive Multiple Scleroris

Our patient, Karen, gives her thoughts on our practice as we battle Multiple Sclerosis together!

I’ve Had Amazing Results that Doctors Couldn’t Even Touch.

Bill has seen tremendous improvement in his health since he first started his program. Hear what he has to say about Dr. Nancy and the rest of the team at the Holistic Healing Center!

I was so Impressed I brought my Mom and Daughter in.

From the family environment to our one-of-a-kind treatments, learn why you should choose Dr. Nancy and her staff at the Holistic Healing Center!

Nicole's testimonial

Watch as our patient, Nicole, shares her thoughts on our practice and why you should come here for all of your healing needs!

Lymphedema Testimonial at the Holistic Healing Center

If you're suffering from Lymphedema, hear what Dr. Nancy and our staff can do to relieve your pain!

We have built a loyal following of patients that enjoy the family–like environment and the attention to detail that they receive each and every visit. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you.

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