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3 Reasons Your Kid Will Love Going to The Holistic Healing Center

While nobody likes to think about taking a child to the doctor, Holistic Healing Center (HHC) makes the experience one that is enjoyable, skill building, and beneficial for both child and parent.  This month, we’ve interviewed Dr. Cecille Augusta, a pediatric specialist at our center, to give us a view of what makes HHC different from other clinical providers and the immense benefit to families that has led to our center’s popularity.

Spare My Kid The Drugs, Please!

In a world of procedure happy, prescription pushing clinicians, families find relief in holistic health remedies which are natural and treat not only a body part but also the whole person. Holistic Healing Center’s philosophy, which parents would agree with, is that the fewer visits to the operating room and the pharmacy, the better.

According to Dr. Cecille, Holistic Healing Center looks at all the body’s systems and how they fit together, not just the musculoskeletal system. Often it is found that nutrition, skin care, behavioral issues, and other areas may be causing or exacerbating the dysfunction. Dr. Cecille recalls a case when she was treating a baby with Torticollis. The baby had a rash from teething, so she questioned what her parents were using on her skin. She made recommendations, and the next time she saw her the rash was gone.

Natural Remedies Promote Healthy Functionality

Children commonly are referred to HHC for outpatient physical therapy services such as treatment of delay in developmental gross motor milestones, Torticollis, impairments related to cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, PDD, sensorimotor/sensory processing dysfunction, and bone fractures. HHC’s approach is to engage children without making it feel like exercise per se.  The children work through a series of doing developmental movements and strengthening activities that feel like play to them. According to Dr. Cecille, that’s the job that kids do best! She says, “They’re not just doing leg lifts. They’re kicking a ball. They’re not just standing on one leg, they’re trying to hop.” Engagement is critical to treatment success as the biggest obstacle with any patient, child or adult, is teaching and motivating them to function on a daily basis in a manner that supports healthy physical development.

Holistic Healing Center actively incorporates tools to support the child’s learning. For children who aren’t able to communicate, for example, Dr. Cecille uses adaptive toys with switches attached to a voicebox that says “yes or no”, or a toy that engages if they push a button. It could even be a smiley face on a piece of paper that resolves the communication issues which may be impeding progress.

Creating Parental Awareness

The holistic component of HHC’s treatment approach includes one big factor: active parent participation.  The mother and/or father is involved during the whole session. Upon meeting the child, Dr. Cecille finds out from the parent what the child’s favorite characters are and incorporates them into the activities, if need be using a YouTube video. This method helps to make treatment feel as if it is part of the child’s natural life. Dr. Cecille demonstrates exactly how to carry out the activities to move the child along the line of developmental progression at home. In addition, Dr. Cecille discusses how overall health can impact the physical ailment at hand. Some examples include recommending essential oils to be utilized to relieve anxiety, improve focus and attention, or to soothe colic. The more awareness the parent gains from a visit at HHC, the more successful the outcome for the child.

Dr. Cecille is just one of many in Holistic Healing Center’s lineup of pediatric specialists. Take the edge off taking your child to the doctor with healthcare that is all encompassing, naturally suited to the element of a child’s life, and nurturing for the parent as well. We’d love to hear from you so please email drnancy@holistichealingcenternj.com to set up a time to come visit us, or message us through Facebook.


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