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The Clean Living Triumvirate:
How To Lead a Healthy Life With Diet, Exercise & Pure Products


If you would like to lead a healthy life, you need to examine your diet, exercise and the products you use on your body and around your home.


The first step towards a healthy life includes an assessment of your diet. A healthy diet should consist of whole, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, proteins and gluten–free grains such as quinoa, rice, corn, amaranth, buckwheat and oats. One of the best ways to keep track of your balanced diet is to have half of your plate filled with veggies while the other half is split evenly between protein and whole grains. I advise my clients to avoid cow’s milk as it can be inflammatory, and if you are vegan or vegetarian, to be sure you are getting healthy sources of protein from vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

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