Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

The human body is the most incredible, intricate organism on the planet. It’s a precise machine where everything works in tandem to ensure maximum health. Pain is usually the first sign that something is wrong in this ecosystem. The role of physical therapy is to restore a person to a pain-free life and to give them the tools they need to maintain it. To accomplish this, our team develops a holistic approach for the patient that facilitates healing. Our therapies can include both traditional interventions such as heat, ice, balance and coordination training, to alternative ones such as massage therapy, cupping, nutritional counseling, and meditation. Physical TherapyOur goal is to promote your ability to move, reduce pain, and recover function. This strategy restores you to the quality of life you had before you came to physical therapy. We also teach our patients ways to avoid and prevent injury or illness in the future by giving them at-home exercises and homework. We believe that maintaining a proper balance in life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually is very important. That’s the foundation of our holistic practice – keeping you in balance and away from behaviors that negatively affect your overall health. To find out more about what we do and the services that we offer, text us or call us at 732.252.6155 or email us.

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Meet Our Physical Therapy Team

Dr. Julia Guerrero

Dr. Julia specializes in holistic medicine, pelvic health, and pediatrics.

Dr. Brianna Pitre

Dr. Bri specializes in joint mobilization, strengthening, sports-specific training, and balance.

What is Physical Therapy?

Dr. Nancy discusses what Physical Therapy is, how she got started, and why she loves it!

What Does Holistic Mean?

Tight lower back? Holistic Healing Pain relief by Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy demonstrates how to release tension in the lower back with one simple technique!

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