Neck & Back Pain

Physical therapy is one of the most successful treatments for neck and back pain. Our practice focuses on the structures that support the spine and joints including muscles, tendons, and ligaments to make sure they are working property in unison to get to the core of neck and back pain. We also work on a patient’s posture and how they hold themselves because when a patient is in pain, they often compensate and hold themselves in one position that is less painful which throws the alignment of the body out and leads to more muscle or tendon pain.

Our goals are to reduce your pain and stiffness and improve your range of motion. To do this, we provide fantastic hands-on time each and every session. Our medical massage, stretching, cupping, and manual traction are the most-coveted treatments at Holistic Healing Center. We also work on ways to strengthen your neck and back and develop strategies with you to prevent the pain from recurring. We also want to educate the patient on principles of proper stretching and strengthening, which will, in turn, help you manage pain and speed up healing.

In a typical session, we use several different modalities of treatment, which may include heat, massage, stretching, ultrasound, ice, cupping, and electrical stimulation. After thorough hands-on time, we introduce stretching and strengthening exercises when appropriate and work with you on a treatment plan that you can also use at home. We also teach you proper methods of using your back and neck so you won’t re-injure yourself in the future. With the increased use of cell phones, tablets, and computers, one of the most common neck injuries is “tech neck”. With increased commuting and sitting, low back pain is running rampant in our country. 90 percent of people experience neck and/or back pain at some point in their lives and our goal is to help you figure out why you are in pain and how to prevent structural damage that will need more extension intervention such as surgery. Contact us today on 732.252.6155 or request an appointment with us online. Our office is conveniently located in the Colts Neck Shopping Centre at 420 State Route 34, Suite 317, Colts Neck, NJ 07722. You can also text us or email us.

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Meet Our Neck & Back Pain Team

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