Physical Therapy for Hip Pain

The hip joint is a complex joint called a ball and socket joint. This refers to the femur bone, the ball, fitting into the acetabulum, the socket. The acetabulum is, in simplistic terms, a bone of the pelvis and the femur is commonly known as the thigh bone. This 360 degree joint allows for a lot of mobility, but requires extensive stability so that there are not any problems.

Physical Therapy for HipsPain often arises from muscle imbalances and weakness or overuse. The deep stabilizers of the hip are often not worked when sitting on a hard chair all day, and the hip flexors become excessively tight when sitting for most of the day. This can cause back pain, groin pain, or pain in the buttocks region. When structures are so tight in the muscles and ligaments of the hip, impingement can occur (pinching). Hip pain can sometimes be caused by pelvic floor dysfunction. Tight muscles compounded over years of wear and tear can lead to the joint grinding excessively, causing a condition called arthritis. Some people get surgery to correct arthritis, but the good news is, everyone does not need surgery to get relief from hip pain. Physical therapy can help.

Physical Therapy for HipsPhysical therapy is used successfully to treat hip pain and Doctors of Physical Therapy do not need an XRAY or MRI to determine what is wrong with your hip. They are highly trained in orthopedic tests to determine, almost as accurately as an image, what is wrong. They are trained to massage the tight structures, strengthen the weak muscles, and help you live a pain-free life. They apply traction to the joint, if appropriate, to relieve pressure on the joint. This, combined with a customized strengthening routine, can relieve all or most of your pain so that you can enjoy your life with your loved ones. Holistic Healing Center accepts medical insurance and no script is required. Make an appointment today to feel your best, faster. Book now by texting us or calling 732-252-6155 or email us.

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Dr. Julia Guerrero

Dr. Julia specializes in holistic medicine, pelvic health, and pediatrics.

Dr. Brianna Pitre

Dr. Bri specializes in joint mobilization, strengthening, sports-specific training, and balance.

Exercise for Hips

Hip Stretches (Part 1)

Hip Stretches (Part 2)

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