Elbow, Wrist & Hand Injuries

The human hand is a marvel, distinct to us and a natural engineering feat that sets us apart from all other species. The hand doesn’t work alone though and most of its movements are controlled by muscles located in the forearm that connect to the finger bones via long tendons that pass through our flexible wrists. Amazingly, there are 17,000 touch receptors and nerve endings found in the palm of our hands that make them sensitive to pressure, vibration, movement, and temperature. So, it’s no surprise that when you sustain an injury to your elbow, wrist or hand, there is a lot more involved than meets the eye and it can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life.

Elbow, wrist or hand pain comes in several forms; from dull, throbbing aches that freeze your elbows to the feeling of pins or needles causing numbness, to sharp shooting pains in your wrists, so it important to evaluate to find out where the pain is actually coming from. Pain in this area can be caused by many things such as repetitive motion leading to carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation in the joints or soft tissues that lead to pinched nerves, or diseases such as arthritis or bursitis. Over-extending yourself during sports, or overuse from poor ergonomic movement can also injure your hand, wrist and elbow muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The first step is a thorough evaluation with one of our physical therapists to evaluate your pain, lifestyle and level of mobility and strength. Next, we will develop a treatment plan that can include a wide range of therapies, such as massage, heat and ice treatments, ultrasound, manual joint mobilization, and stretching exercises. The first step is to get you stabilized and out of pain and then work with you on a therapy plan that incorporates lifestyle changes so that you won’t re-injure yourself. Text us or call us at 732-252-6155 or email us to learn more or book an appointment with one of our specialists.

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Meet Our Elbow, Wrist & Hand Injuries Team

Dr. Julia Guerrero

Dr. Julia specializes in holistic medicine, pelvic health, and pediatrics.

Dr. Brianna Pitre

Dr. Bri specializes in joint mobilization, strengthening, sports-specific training, and balance.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr. Bri explains what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is, what to do about it, and how we can help, naturally.

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