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Stress can impact the everyday lives of individuals. It can result in mental fatigue and long-term health issues. Psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression have been an outcome of on-going stress. Stress can also lead to the deterioration of our physical health. Some ailments include high blood pressure, chest pain, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, muscle tension, weak immune system, and digestive issues.

Researchers have also found that music can improve the brain’s receptors for speech, literacy, reading, and listening skills. Music fires neurons throughout every part of the human brain. No other stimuli have been discovered to have such a reaction. The functioning of the brain is closely connected with the body. Whatever impacts the brain will trigger an emotional response and/or response within the human muscles, nervous system, limbic system, and human mirror neuron system.

The benefits of therapeutic music listening occur most when musical activities are repeated consistently for a long period of time. The prolonged exposure to musical experiences can promote neuroplasticity and reshape the automatic response properties within the brain. It is important and necessary to introduce individuals to mindfulness practices to reduce anxiety levels and take control of their mental, emotional, and physical state of being.

Sound healing is a practice which incorporates specific vibrations to heal and relax the mind and body. According to neurologist and Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, sound medicine consists of using tones found in nature that vibrate at specific frequencies to assist in restoring balance within the body. The practice of sound medicine dates back to Pythagoras’ work during the 6th century BC.

Researchers have shown that music listening, and meditative practices accompanied by music can increase mindfulness and restore the health of individuals. Some researchers have discovered that introducing specific sound frequencies to patients for an extended duration of time were more effective than traditional western medicine approaches. Some doctors have found that sound therapy has been more effective than chemotherapy treatments.

Sound healing helps to restore natural frequencies within the body. The restoration of healthy frequencies can play a role in bringing the body back to a state wellness and ultimately reduce anxiety and stress. Tibetan traditions, philosophies, and medicinal practices show that health is more than an absence of disease. Health is a state of mental, physical, and spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

Sound frequencies travel throughout the air. The number of vibrations, or complete oscillations, which occur per second is known as sound frequencies. Musical sound is not only a sound wave that is registered in the brain by the auditory system, it impacts the whole entire body. It affects the central nervous system, motor skills, and individual muscles.

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