Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death among the elderly. Why? There are several factors, but the biggest is that as we age, our level of physical fitness declines dramatically unless we remain active. To help our clients who have fallen recover and to also prevent falls, our physical therapists do a thorough assessment of all the risk factors that can lead to future falls. This includes a patient’s level of balance, strength, gait pattern, and mobility, as loss of balance is the biggest culprit in falls that can lead to serious injuries. Once we have made a full evaluation, we also identify and address secondary risk factors that cause falls, such as medication side effects, vitamin deficiencies, poor vision, inappropriate footwear, and obstacles around the home that can cause falls, such as throw rugs or carpets that are not secured at the edges. We then design a plan for patient’s that includes exercises for strength training and balance improvement. We do home safety visits and make recommendations to install grab bars and handrails, if needed. We also educate the patient about wearing the appropriate footwear or using a cane or walker for support. Our goal is to screen all of our elderly patients for risk factors and implement strategies that will help educate them to prevent future falls. We don’t want our patients to live in fear of falling, we want them to feel empowered. Call us at 732-252-6155 or email us to learn more or book an appointment with one of our specialists.

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Meet Our Fall Prevention Team

Dr. Julia Guerrero

Dr. Julia specializes in holistic medicine, pelvic health, and pediatrics.

Dr. Brianna Pitre

Dr. Bri specializes in joint mobilization, strengthening, sports-specific training, and balance.

Fall Prevention Guide

Dr. Bri explains myths about falling, how to prevent a fall, and the dangers of falling. We are here to help prevent falls.

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