Dr. Nancy Alario–Beliveau – Holistic Healing Center
Dr. Nancy Alario–Beliveau, PT, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Integrative Nutrition Practitioner

Nancy has always been intrigued by the human body and passionate about maximizing one’s health. She is committed to staying up to date on the latest research regarding achieving and maintaining optimal well–being. She has been in the field of physical therapy since 2005 and has been practicing independently as a Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2010. Nancy completed her undergraduate studies at Villanova University and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Pre-Medicine & Biology. She completed an accelerated Doctorate program at Thomas Jefferson University and received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She then completed 10 years of certifications in functional nutrition and integrative medicine through the Institute for Natural Resources, a board-approved institution for clinicians to advance their knowledge in integrative medicine. Nancy has also completed extensive certifications in lymphatics and detoxification from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan. She is known for integrating both East and West in her holistic wellness practice. Physicians and patients from vast locations have referred to her over the last 10+ years that she has been in practice. She is passionate about looking at the whole person and getting to the root of the problem to truly help resolve each individual’s health issues. Her expertise puts her in high demand, however, compromising the thoroughness and quality of her care is a commitment she will always uphold.

Nancy is known for her caring, compassionate nature and unmatched knowledge–base of a multitude of health conditions. She is devoted to her patients and strives to help them achieve their goals in the most convenient, effective way possible. Every single patient is very important to her and she shows this through her thoroughness, customization of her programs, and by going above and beyond the expectations of her clientele. She loves helping others and showing them how to achieve optimal health as naturally as possible. Improving the well–being of others is the most rewarding gift she can give to the world.

 I deeply care for each and every patient and am dedicated to each of them achieving optimal health. 

Dr. Nancy is Committed to YOU Living Your Best Life!

“I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated the inspiration and encouragement you gave me during my months of physical therapy for my severely injured back. I could not walk, I dragged my foot and toes, and it was very disheartening for me.

You were always confident I would be back to my sports activities soon, and you were right: I am just about 90% there. Pretty soon, I will be hiking and running, doing yoga, pilates and the endless enjoyments that I was missing.

I was in so much pain and I had my doubts, but you didn't. I sincerely thank you for your confidence and the skill you provided me with to get me back to my very active self!”

~ D.

“All I can tell you is if you are in need of a physical therapist or a nutritionist Dr. Nancy is the person you never believe existed and the one who will change your life. All my friends and family that have used her recommended services joke about how great it is and how we all got sucked into drinking the Koolaid and thank god we did because results do not lie!

I proudly recommend her!”

~ S.

We have built a loyal following of patients that enjoy the family–like environment and the attention to detail that they receive each and every visit. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you.

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