Dr. Julia Guerrero
Dr. Julia Guerrero, PT, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Julia is a native to Monmouth County, however, she has lived in both Monmouth and Ocean Counties throughout her adolescent and young adult years. During her childhood, she always wanted to help people and had an interest in seeking out unique individuals with backgrounds different from hers. She is truly fascinated by different cultures and traditions, and notes that “we can all learn something, at any age, from any one person — we just have to be open to the experience.” During her college years, she spent most of her time in an unrelated field, and admits that it was not until attending a yoga class did she solidify her interests in human anatomy and the world of holistic remedies. “As a child, I have always dreamt of healing people with my hands. It sounds whimsical and almost like magic, but after finding yoga and physical therapy, I feel that my dreams of being a ‘healer’ have come true.”

Dr. Julia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2016 with a Holistic Health minor from Stockton University; three years later, she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from her alma mater. Although she has primarily worked in outpatient settings, she also has experience in home health, pediatrics (school-based and outpatient), and subacute settings. Dr. Julia’s passion is in preventative medicine with special interests in an individual’s biomechanics, gross motor skills, flexibility and strength, and overall well-being. “Recall that we want to help people maintain healthy and active lifestyles at any stage.”

In her spare time, Dr. Julia likes to spend as much time as she can with family, friends, and her three lovely pets. She also enjoys painting, drawing, yoga, hiking, traveling, and listening (or dancing crazily) to music. Her new special interests include kayaking, SUP boarding, and archery.

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