Robots to Replace Physical Therapists in NJ? Fuhgetaboutit!

Everything we read seems to attest that artificial intelligence is going to have more influence over healthcare in years to come.  Although we welcome any technological advancements, we are not completely convinced that surrendering control to machines instead of physical therapists in NJ is going to catch on anytime soon. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, by the way, artificial intelligence uses algorithms to teach machines and robots to mimic human behavior.

Here’s why we like it:  Who wouldn’t like to see a cure for cancer?  Such innovation could increase the health of the population, increase the quality of life for humanity, and relieve financial pressures burdening an already burdened system. On the other hand, we’re not quite certain that anyone other than a doctor should be rendering healthcare advice. It’s still too risky. There is a skill and intuition that excellent healthcare practitioners have that cannot be replaced by machines. Many of us can testify to the fact that to when making a critical and irrevocable decision about a human being’s health, intuition, wisdom and experience play a huge role.  Plus, how can a robot deliver bedside manner like physical therapists in NJ do?  The human element to medicine can not be replaced. And then there’s the crisis scenario. Let’s say we give the machines access to our healthcare information and then lose control of the machines.

The following examples of bedside manner illustrate we do not envision in our lifetime any robot being able to replace. For example, one of our clients has Multiple Sclerosis and as you can see from her testimonial, the kindness and care that we’ve shown her has made a remarkable difference in her treatment. We are right by her side as she fights the disease. For another of our clients who sprained his ankle so severely that he thought he would never be the same again, our bedside manner has led to dramatic improvements.  Visit our Holistic Healing Center YouTube page to hear and see more of what real bedside manner is like.  Can artificial intelligence offer the same level of comfort, compassion, empathy, and most of all can it warm the patient’s heart like we do? Fuhgetaboutit!

Any opinion on whether or not you see robots replacing physical therapists in NJ – yeah or neigh?  Comment below and let us know what you think.


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