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Our multidisciplinary team will help you feel your best, faster

Our unique approach to helping you feel your best combines Physical Therapy and Integrated Medicine with exceptional patient care in one convenient location.

We are passionate about holistic health, integrative medicine and exceptional patient care

We are an integrative physical therapy practice for the whole family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to truly listen to each patient’s needs and to maximize clinical outcomes for every patient, using a multidisciplinary approach. We work with a team of professionals that include physical therapy, acupuncture, cupping therapy, massage therapy, and naturopathic medicine to address the needs of the whole patient.

Get better results, faster, with our multidisciplinary approach

Our Holistic Approach

Unlike traditional Western medicine which tends to rely heavily on pharmaceutical-driven interventions, we strive to present you with the many options available to you to reach wholeness and optimal health. Working together with multiple disciplines enables us to address the complex factors playing a role in your health issues, and enables us to more efficiently help you feel your best again.

No prescription required
Walk–ins welcome
We accept most medical insurance

Feel Better Faster

Because no script or referral is required, you can book directly with us as you do with a primary care provider. We love being the first line of defense, with little to no wait time to get an appointment. Our doctors can rapidly provide an evaluation and treatment for your health issues, and connect you with the proper specialist when necessary.

We accept most medical insurance
“Great service, very friendly and professional staff, clean and private rooms, Doctors are giving all the time to listen and explain the step by step treatment.”

~ Mike

“I started Physical Therapy with Dr. Nancy due to a deteriorating situation with my hip that grew into a full blown case of Bursitis. The pain was waking me up virtually every night for a period of a couple of months. Within the first couple of sessions her focused treatments eliminated the pain and I was able to sleep through the night again. With the acute condition under control, she then turned to understanding the root cause of the problem. Her expert diagnostic skills determined that although the pain was presenting itself on the outside of the hip, the source of the problem was deep within the SI joints which were out of alignment and rotated in opposite directions. Now she is working to realign the joints and teaching me the core strengthening/stretching exercises to correct this condition. Dr. Nancy and her staff are incredible. They are caring, attentive and have an infectious positive spirit that aids the healing process.”

~ John M.

“I've been seeing Dr. Nancy for over a year for different ailments. She really cares about her patients. She is very passionate about her job and she works very hard for our wellbeing. Another service she provides at HHC is nutritional. I was part of a clean eating group for 2 months and I lost 43lbs. She was my coach and a very good one at that.

Her staff are just as caring and are just as passionate about physical therapy. I go weekly partly because I feel better afterwards and the other part is because I have a good time. I love it here. Make an appointment I know you won't be disappointed.”

~ Mark M.

“I've been a patient at Holistic Healing Center since October and it is a VAST improvement over two other PT facilities that I have been to. You will not find the typical "assembly line" – type therapy here. Your therapy is planned out carefully and adjusted to your needs as time passes. The personal touch and attention that you receive, as well as the top-notch care both contribute to a helpful, enjoyable atmosphere.”

~ Randy R.

“Dr. Nancy is fabulous, a wonderful listener and clinician and her technicians are wonderful. They take care of the whole person.”
“Dr. Nancy and her staff are fantastic! Not only are they helping me with my back pain, but they are teaching me a 'whole body' approach to wellness. I look forward to my visits!”

~ Toni H.

“I went to see Dr. Nancy when I realized my shoulder injury was getting worse. I was nervous to see someone regarding my shoulder out of fear I would not be able to workout. Dr. Nancy not only put me through a great physical therapy but also encouraged me to work out and strengthen other areas of my shoulder. Dr. Nancy and her staff are some of the nicest people I have met and am so thankful to them for helping through this process.”

~ Andrea M.

Holistic Healing Center
420 State Route 34
Suite 317
Colts Neck, NJ 07722

The office is located in the Colts Neck Shopping Center.

We have built a loyal following of patients that enjoy the family–like environment and the attention to detail that they receive each and every visit. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you.

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